Enrico Flor


I am an Italian PhD student in Linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I received my MA from the University of Vienna, where I was also briefly employed as a junior researcher.

My dissertation work is on modality, with a focus on the Italian adverb magari and what it teaches us about the typology of modals in natural language. Another topic of interest that is not yet represented in the list below is the proper treatment of plurality in intensional contexts, in ongoing work with Filipe Hisao Kobayashi.

I pronounce my name as [enˈriko flor] (note that most Italians would say [flɔr]).


Teaching experience


(Natural) Languages

Italian Native
English Fluent
German Fluent
French Intermediate
Latin Reading


Common UNIX utils, Python, (Emacs) Lisp, SQL, LaTeX, HTML/css.


Enrico Flor
eflor [at] mit.edu
77 Massachusetts Ave, Bldg 32-D865A
Cambridge, MA 02139 (USA)